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Waste Container Delivery Service Golden Valley | Cardboard Waste Barrels | Animated Waste Receptacle

Waste Container Delivery Service in Golden Valley MN

When you need a spacious, durable receptacle for any kind of rubbish removal, Container Delivery, waste container delivery service in Golden Valley MN, has you covered. Our containers hold 30 gallons, and allow you to store a large amount of waste, including asbestos and construction materials. We also offer responsive customer service that is ready to assist you in any way possible.

Waste Container Delivery Service in Golden Valley, MN

How our various products including cardboard waste barrels in Golden Valley, MN, can work for you

Waste management is one of the most challenging problems of modern times. Effective waste management is not only difficult, it can also be very expensive and hence is doubly challenging.  We bring you simple, yet-efficient, and workable waste management solutions, and bring them right up to your doorstep. Read on to learn how our waste container delivery service in Golden Valley, MN can work for you:

Various Applications for Our Waste Management and Storage Products

Our cardboard waste barrels in Golden Valley, MN have proved highly advantageous to contractors and designers engaged in construction, remodeling and so on. Homeowners, owners of commercial buildings, caretakers, and business managers find that our garbage bins are not only spacious and convenient, they offer a flexible and cost effective solution for a range of waste disposal requirements. When you need trash receptacles that are cost efficient, light and easy to manage, you need look no further than our cardboard waste barrels.

Our Waste Container Delivery Service in Golden Valley, MN

We can delivery cardboard waste barrels in Golden Valley and the general Minnesota area. These barrels are made from cardboard and have a capacity of 30 gallons or a maximum capacity of 300 pounds per container.  They are light and easy to cart around and can work for all sorts of waste products including asbestos, garbage, floor tiles, and other construction site refuse and waste material. Our refurbished barrels are eco-friendly too!

The real stand out quality of our product is the cost factor. At just $7 per piece, you will not be able to find a comparable product at this price. Plus, we can deliver up to 240 barrels to you within a time frame of just 24 hours. Give us a call to know if you qualify for free delivery.

Call us at 612-315-9509 or at 763-772-2872 to learn more about our products and our waste container delivery services in Golden Valley. You can also drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll respond ASAP.

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About Us

Based in Golden Valley, Minnesota, Container Delivery brings empty waste receptacles to any location near Minneapolis in need of garbage containers. We deliver our garbage barrels to whatever location you want, and provide outstanding customer support the entire way. These trash containers are sold by the truckload, and include free delivery within 30 miles. We charge $1 per mile after the first 30.

Our owner, Barry, has been in this business for more than 10 years. After purchasing the company, he revamped it to focus more on clients. His step-son has been preparing to take over the company for years now and has grown into his role as a leader within the business. From keeping up on the trash barrels in stock at our warehouse to helping clients after purchases


Thank you for your interest in waste container delivery service in Golden Valley MN. For questions or comments on our garbage bins, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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